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Development and Testing Communication Add-on Release
Topic Replies Activity
【MN Official Add-on】May 8th, Beta1.0.2: CKEditor, a simple and easy card editor for tables and equations 7 June 1, 2020
【MN Official Add-on】May 7th, Beta1.0.1: Markdown, a powerful card editor supporting MD, Latex and more 8 June 1, 2020
【MN Official Add-on】#Ver.1.0#Autotitle : excerpt title automation - an efficient assistant for beautifying brain maps and title links 7 May 22, 2020
【MN Official Add-on】May 7th, Ver1.1.3: DeepL, a neural network translator with unprecedented quality 6 May 7, 2020
Trying to build an extension 1 May 3, 2020
Beta Testing for Open Interface of Automation and Extension Looking for Participants! 9 April 28, 2020
URL plugin 2 April 26, 2020
Add-on Developing & Testing Internal Discussion Thread @ExtsTester 1 April 16, 2020
A python script to fix the export cards to anki doesn't create multiple cards when there are multiple clozes 5 September 14, 2019
SPACE LACKING?Symbolic/Hard Link to Marginnote Library, Liberate your Storage! 3 December 23, 2019