Automatic Title Option

Would it be possible to have an option to the highlighted segment automatically becomes the title of the note?

Currently it requires four taps of the screen to do this:
(Screencaps at bottom)

  1. Highlight (toolbar appears)

  2. Choose highlight color (toolbar expands)

  3. Add tags (toolbar automatically closes)

  4. Highlight again (toolbar reappears)

  5. Select “As Title”

These are too many steps.

The “Add Title” option does not even appear in the toolbar until step 3. And if I decide to change the type of underline/highlight or color, it opens up a new toolbar but closes the original toolbar! This means I have to reopen the toolbar to add tags (putting me at step 3), before proceeding to steps 4 and 5.

Again, these are too many steps!

If possible, maybe eliminate having to open and reopen the toolbar. The pop up toolbar can stay ON while we select the color, tags, and “as title”, and when we are done with that, THEN tap outside anywhere else on the page to close the toolbar manually.

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Hello, it is highly recommended that you do it in learning mode, just perform the 1, 4 two steps in your diagram to generate notes and add titles.


Thank You.
I’ve since found a workaround. I don’t know yet what “Short Excerpt” is specifically, but although I do occasionally have to delete an auto-title, this is a preferable approach to what I was doing before.
Thank You!

Use addon in extensions

Addon? Extensions? How does that work? Is this for the iOS version?

Used in ipad
Read instructions given above follow them

What happened to the “H1 Auto Title”?
It was there three days ago as you can see from my earlier screenshot, but today I open up the SAME book titles are not automatic anymore, and this is what I see instead when I open the excerpt settings:

Notice the difference? Why did it disappear? Why was it removed in the last update? This was the solution I was looking for, so why is it gone?

Hello, sjd.

We have moved this feature to the plugin system of Marginnote after version 3.6.7. This opens up more possibilities for us to realize our users’ needs and provides reliable support for customizing plugins.

You can find the plugin in this post, first upgrade your marginnote to version 3.6.7 and then download and install the auto-title plugin to use this feature.


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Great work eduard =)

Thank you. I really like the idea of plug-ins, although in this instance the placement of the big blue “H1” button is a bit awkward, overlapping with the notes in the side panel.

Sr sjd u can crop the ryt side of the page… i think this might help you

Actually, I found that the little H1 button can be dragged over to the left side of the screen. I like having the note bar open. I only wish I had the option of placing the whole bar to the lefthand side for one-handed (right hand) mode page turning. It’s hard to do when the menu is open and your thumb has to reach over it. MarginNote 2 had this option.

Anyone know if they plan on fixing the oversensitivity of the Hidden Toolbar?