Backwards Compatibility and Exporting Content

I’m new to the forum. Here are my questions:

  1. I have MN v2 installed on MacBookook and iPad. If I buy v3 (currently available only for the iPad), will all my notes be viewable and editable in the v2 currently installed on my Macbook?

  2. I see that users can export flashcards to anki, but can they also be exported to Quizlet?

Hi there,

  1. We will release MarginNote 3 in late September and if you want to transfer data from MN3 on iOS to MN 2 on Mac, the best way is to export the notebook file and send it to the other device. There is no direct line for 2 and 3 to exchange/sync data.
  2. We have users requesting Quizlet and team will take it into consideration.

Support Team

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Quizlet support would be nice. Is this in active development?

An additional benefit is that many flashcard apps, including the Studies app, are able to import from Quizlet.