Categories sync incorrectly between Mac and iOS clients

Categories nearly always sync incorrectly when I import a document to a particular category in MarginNote 3 on my Mac (10.15). The documents eventually sync over to my iPad (iPadOS 13) via iCloud, but they are nearly always in the wrong category. Often, they show up in whatever category I was last using on the iPad, regardless of what category they were imported in on my Mac.

This is completely maddening to me and has been a problem for years. Please let me know how I can help to fix this bug.

Hello davemacdo, because of marginnote’s special data storage structure, the problem of synchronization has not been completely solved up to now, but the good news is that our development process so far has been focused on improving the speed of synchronization and reducing the number of synchronization errors.

We’re currently working on an IN-APP plugin support feature based on Javascript that might solve this problem by giving users the freedom to choose a third-party cloud storage service.

It is recommended that you temporarily turn off ICLOUD synchronization, use the export notebook function between your Mac and Ipad, and then transfer your work via airdrop.

Thank you for your feedback and I will reply to you in this post after the launch of the related fix.