Connecting multiple files in a notebook

Hi, is there a way to connect different files, so that, if I click on a highlighted field in one, it connects me to the link in the other document? I’m coming from LiquidText, where that is one of my favorite features. I would think there’s a way to do it here, but haven’t found it on my own.


Hello, you can try using the two-way link feature of the note cards, Marginnote3 doesn’t support jumping to pages yet, but you can use the location feature of the excerpt cards to make the jump.

Thanks for the message. However, I’m confused as to how to do that. I’m trying to Link 2 cards, but nothing happens. How can I link them correctly?

Thanks again!

Operating like this, you can create two-way links across brain maps as you need them and then make the jump. Since note cards can locate excerpts from a document, indirectly you can achieve the goal of locating the document page.