Crazy suggestion i hope u can recognize our needs

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Sorry,Gim, the handwriting of some of the letters doesn’t allow me to see them clearly, would you mind describing your thoughts in more details?


well to clarify what i am asking

in the mind map, you have the outline page. there you have options like sort, emphasizemode and select

can you add a option highlighter in which i can highlight the important keywords in my outline. and please let me highlight the important word in my title page and please add 3 pens (what i mean by highlighter, it can apply highlight and can change color of the text)

i like the emphasize mode . its so easy to emphasize the text… can you make it that way in the highlighter too?

I hope the changes applied in the outline can also reflects on the mind map and fash cards

this would be very helpful in Memorizing the keywords thank you

I got it, I’ll convey your use scenarios to the development department.