Embedded Weblinks in Pdfs

Hi everyone,

I wonder if it is possible to import webpages with Weblinks still working as pdfs.

My scenario: I study a lot of webpages with references to other pages. I would like to import these pages too. At the moment I have to go back to the source webpage, click the link there and import the related page.

Is there a functionality where the pdfs keep Weblinks?

I think it would be nicer if the links were imported as well to the pdf and that the in app browser opens it with an option to import.


Hello, Kriskind,
Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. Thanks for the information provided.
Many users have made similar requests. And I have recorded it in the feature list.

Hi Bryan,

Thank Soundso much for the quick reply. I am looking forward to the potential implementationšŸ˜Š


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