ENOUGH MARGİNNOTE ! (Windows and android) 🏗

How much years passed? Seven ? Eight?.. We still haven’t windows and android versions.

Why ? Why ? Do u still think you have reasonable excuses to stall customers?

If you can’t make it, then GIVE MONEY to ones who can make it for you, after one year, your sales doubles anyway !!!

If u dont enough money, then open campaign for it
I ll be the one who share money for it !!!

Make it or HAVE IT MADE !!! Dont create excuses, We ALL TIRED


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hello!If you reallly need MN3 in windows,and if you can understand Chinses,this is my advice in Chinese forum 关于如何在win上优雅地使用MN - 领域最佳实践分享 - MarginNote 中文社区.

Can t you write in English this topic ? @kerajoson

I have rewriteit How to use MN3 in windows
(not very good at English :rofl:)

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