Feature Request: Hyperlinking and Youtube Video Timestamps

I think Hyperlinking would be a very useful feature in MarginNote. One thing I would like to hyperlink is YouTube video timestamps. This is important to me when I’m studying because I take a lot of notes from YouTube videos. Some of my professors even share long lectures as YouTube videos. It’s important for me to break down these videos, and the way to do so is to hyperlink the timestamps from the video as I’m taking notes on that video. Since YouTube already allows users to copy timestamps from videos through the “Copy video URL at current time” feature, we can take these links and just hyperlink them to specify the correct timestamps.

In addition to this, I’d like to embed the YouTube video in MarginNote, and I prefer that the timestamps will open within the embedded video in MarginNote, instead of opening in a new window through the browser. I want to view the video and open the timestamps directly through MarginNote, so that I won’t be distracted as I’m studying by being directed to the web.
You can take a look at the mockup image that I have attached in order to get an idea of what this may look like.

Thank you