Feature request - lines for the comment area

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Thanks for your advice. Your suggest will be considered after the improvement of Handwriting vector engine. Sorry for your bad experience, MN has many things to do with Handwritng. It’s really a weakness.

Last month, we had made great efforts on changing Hand Writing engine into PencilKit. But unfortunately, we noticed that PencilKit has too much limits in its Data openness which could not work well with MN’s Outliner and Mindmap SQL database. So according to Apple’s Kit experience, Kits like Icloud, AR, PencilKIT always comes to mature when 3.0. Marginnote will adopt PencilKit once stage is suitable.

We have changed the optimization plan with Hand Writing. By updating a new data processing with Writing, the hand writing delay will have a substantial decrease. This update will coming with 3.5.x in minor version as Plugging up Apple’s PDF engine loophole takes our time with 3.5.0(An Announcement about PDF Flick Crash and Importing BUGs ) .