[Feature request] Merge nodes with the multiple search terms

I would like to search by multiple search terms (kind of like a library/reference search), you could input " exact match: x, y, z" or you could say “containing: x,y, z” you get the idea, then you’d select those and the option appearing would say “Create group…” and a menu would be something like “name your parent title card”. I don’t think the programming behind this would be too complex !!

This would completely eliminate the need for many indexing apps as well as the current state of having to move similar cards over to the wanted tree section. This would be an absolute game changer.

Easier method using current UI:

Then there would be an option bar after selection of your search terms, same as it does now but the new feature option would say something like “new children of [input your parent title here]”.

I understand this is similar to regroup, but the search option currently allows only one input at the same time. I want to be able to search " a, b, c" or or even “a* b* c*” for anything start with it (or ending). Ive tried already to select two cards and then search again for another word but then my previous selection disappears

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This user writes it so perfectly ! Best app for organizing MN hashtags?

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Hi Mellyboo,

Thanks for your suggestions now as Preliminary Adoption.

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