Feature Request: Suggestions on Note Taking

  1. Shortcuts for customized “Writing Pen” and “Highlighter Pen” can enable users to switch between different colors and thickness more easily.
  2. Ability to select the notes written on the documents by box selection and lasso selection can enable users to relocate the strokes, convert the color of the strokes or delete them easily.
  3. Current textbox mechanism is simply awful. Currently, after adding a textbox, the textbox appears in a fixed location, and I often need to relocate the textbox afterward. Users shall be able to decide the location where textbox will appear when adding the textbox.
  4. In the “Contents & Bookmarks” menu, in addition to “Contents”, “Thumbnails” and “Bookmarks,” adding a new entry for “Notes” to give a preview of notes and quick access to all the notes in a document.
  5. Adding other syncing mechanisms like Dropbox to allow users to edit a document simultaneously on multiple devices. This will really strengthen the workflow as it is easy to write on my iPad but inserting pictures or text editing is painful on it. If I can use my Mac and iPad to edit a document simultaneously, then I can write on my iPad and insert pictures and texts on my Mac.

Generally speaking, the notetaking and syncing are two major weak points of MarginNote. MarginNote is an awesome app for my academic usage, so I really hope the developer can further polish this app. I hope one day, MarginNote can match the notetaking and syncing experience of OneNote. In this way, MarginNote would become “the” notetaking app for me.