[Feature Request] Video progress bar, fast forward / rewind buttons, and ability to jump to end of an excerpt quickly

  1. Currently there is no video progress bar (or am I missing it?) to know current progress a a glance when using video as a document.

  2. Also it’ll be really handy to have fast forward / rewind button, because when learning materials from video it’s so frequently required to go back a little to re-listen to the previous part again. With text document we just scroll the mouse (or the eyeball :slight_smile: ) but with videos it’s tedious to drag the cursor, and not easy to drop it in a proper position.

  3. Still another idea, it would be good if we could have a button to quickly jump to the end of a video excerpt. Currently after I added a new video note in the mind map and finished editing it, the position of the video document player would be at the beginning of that excerpt. But 99% of the times I want to skip to the end of that excerpt and start to processing the remaining part.

BTW @Lanco-MN_Support could we add a “Feature Request” sub category in the forum? I can only see a “MarginNote 3” big category.