File Location Information

Looking for a good explanation of file locations and how to customize.

It seems like Margin Note 3 (MN3) creates a copy of each PDF that I add to a MN3 document. This creates unnecessary copies of large documents. I have been unable to find information on the file structure. (User Manual not available online)

As far as I can tell, it seems that on IpadOS, a directory (folder) is created under “Files” called “Margin Note 3” and every PDF opened is dumped there. So two questions:

1-Can MN3 be set up to not copy the PDFs and open them from original location?

2-If not, can the copied that MN3 creates be placed in sub-directories instead of all being dumped into one? (Note: I have created subjects inside of MN3 to organize the MN3 documents but this seems to have no effect on where they are physically stored)

Thanks. -Will

Hello, wsomar,
For the first question, I haven’t found one way to move PDFs directly to MN3 folders without creating copies of them.

For the second question, MarginNote 3 will automatically create two folders, one is under “my iPad” and the other is under “iCloud Drive”. Actually, It is possible to move files directly into the sub-folders created in MN3.


If you still have some other questions, I’m here to help you.