Fluidity of notes and links

I really love liquidtext’s way of keeping excerpts and notes in the liquidity way.

Could this be made in MN as well?

I agree, the links are faint and it’s hard to follow them in busy mind maps. I don’t mind if they are tapered like a mind map, ZoomNotes works for that pretty well but it would be nice to colour the links and make them thicker or thinner to establish a pattern (like colours for the excerpts).

I agree too. I have forwarded this to the developers, and we will have an internal discussion over this issue.

A related idea would be, to have the liquid excerpts and notes on top of the pdf.
Maybe in a “board” like in the muse app. The boards could be transparent so we don’t loose sight of the text.

Exzerpts could be connected without being distracted by the bigger mind map while reading the pdf.
The connected notes could be parked in a corner of the window.

Special gestures could be used to navigate which note/parent should be the “focus”.

After a PDF was read, it could be placed inside the bigger mind map.

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