How many notes are allowed in a Notebook?

Hi guys, in one of my notebooks I have reached 13,000 notes. I was wondering if there is any limit for the number of notes allowed in a notebook. Also, will it cause some lagging or synching issues in the future when having so many notes inside the same notebook? Thank you!


If there are too many, you can try to use sub-brain map

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Thanks for your answer. Yes, I am using sub-brain maps within the 13,000 notebook. My question however is if there are any problems in having so many notes in a notebook or the app is designed to accommodate as many notes as you wish and doesn’t affect its performance. Thank you!

Please let me know when you can :slight_smile: Thank you!

I would also be curious about this @Henry.

My guess is that it’s difficult to say in general because it will likely depend on RAM and perhaps processor power.

As a suggestion, you could duplicate your notebook with 13,000 notes for testing purposes. In a second step, you could select all notes in the test notebook and duplicate them 10 times. If things still run smoothly at that point, then it’s probably okay to continue using just a single notebook for all your notes.