I want great themes

Hey developers… I would like to suggest that you put great themes on the designs of the program.Doesn’t need to have a lot a greater affect needs a creative an organized way of presenting the cards and the outlines. Changing the color from white to pink for girls and blue or gray for boys. This way I have a new experience During studyIng.

I don’t know if you are familiar with league of legends. League of legends earn alot from different skins Of their characters. So if you can provide a downloadable theme for everyone it will be a new experience at the same time it will attract more buyers to buy your program because it will give a new and better experience for them. Even if you sell it at around 10% of the current price it will still be fine. It will bring new experince to us .

Let’s just be practical girl are more attracted To the designs while boys are more into the specifications of that application.It will be a great ad on if you can provide good themes. hoping you will hear me. thank you

Hello, of course, we have this in mind, which will make MarginNote more approachable and personal. But MarginNote3 is still in a period of rapid iteration, and many features, such as syncing, plug-ins, etc. are relatively mature and stable before they are further refined.

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