Import attachments along with notes from Evernote


I have a lot of notes in Evernote which have several PDFs attached to them. When I import such a note to MarginNote, the PDFs are not included – is there a way to import the note and all its attachments as well? (Now, I have to download all attachments from within Evernote to a temporary folder, add them separately to my MarginNote notebook, and delete from the folder).

Thanks and keep up your great work!

Hello,mhanus .Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble in migrating, but due to the different design of the data structure, there may not be an easy way to move your data from evernote to marginnote more quickly. But I hope the following information will help you:

In marginnote, data is stored in two forms: a document and a notebook, where you store the notes you extract, and in three forms: A node in a mind map, and an entry in an outline, and study cards in review mode. In evernote, each note might correspond to an article or a PDF. In marginnote, the granularity of each note is more precise.

In addition, the relationship between PDF and the notebook in which the excerpt is stored is more flexible in marginnote than in evernote. For example, you can bind a number of pdfs to a notebook, depending on the topic.