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I’m having trouble importing files to the notebook recently. No finder does not show up after I click “import document”. I have to add files to the library first then add each to the notebook manually now.

Also, the app sometimes doesn’t show up on the screen after I click the icon on my dock although it is running in the background. I managed to open it by clicking one of the mnscene file.

Could you help me with it?
Thank you,

Hello tigetcat,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. Until now, we have received three similar feedbacks from other users and we have noted this error down and submit it to the developer. The pity is that we still can’t discover what caused the error to occur, and I’m really sorry that I can’t provide a good solution. :pensive:


Dear Bryan

I am also noting this problem. When attempting to import a document to a notebook, clicking ‘Import Document’ under the ‘Manage’ screen does nothing. This was working in the past but I’m unsure as to when it stopped working.


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Hello, Jun,

Version 3.5.8 will fix this problem. Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.

By the way, if you find some other problems while using MN3, don’t hesitate to tell me.


Do you guys see this consistency issue?

When I try to import an online pdf file using Import Document under Manage. The behavior is inconsistent. It sometimes put the pdf file inside the study but for about half of the time it imports the file as an independent document, and I was also forced to jump outside of the study I was in.

Here is another issue. When you try to Add Web Pages from Import Document under Manage in Study Model, it always starts with the previous website you have visited. This is a bit annoying. Possible to start with a blank page?

Hello, you,
Thanks for the information provided.
For the first question, could you please give us some screenshots to show us the problem?
And for the second question, some users need this feature to locate the website quickly instead of entering the URL again.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to your reply.