iOS voice is used for TTS in map contents, but not in document. Please enable for both


first of all I want to thank you for a very useful and well thought-out app. Nothing else I tested even compares for the purpose of “deep reading”.

I noticed the following: If text in a comment that is part of the map is selected, then the default iOS “Speak” command is available and the voice defined in iOS settings is used.

If I select text in the document, then the MarginNote speech icon shows and a different, honestly not so great voice is used.

If it is possible to access the iOS voice in the map, then it seems that it would also be technically feasible to make it available in the document?

In this case, I think it would be a significant improvement from the user perspective. The default iOS “Speak” feature does the same thing as the MarginNote speech feature: It simply speaks selected text, however it allows much higher quality voices like Siri.

I would appreciate it if this could be considered for upcoming releases.