Make title sizes the SAME!

I would like to request the possibility to keep title sizes of the notes all the same.
It would be nice to be able to customize the size, but at least I would like to have them be the all same size and not random sizes!! It gives a very messy look and makes the experience of reading the mind map unpleasant in my opinion.

When using text excerpts, this doesn’t happen.

When using rect excerpts or lasso excerpts, the title sizes seem to be completely RANDOM!!

How does marginnote choose the title size in the current version?
Why does it seem to be random?


So sorry for the late reply. Having random title sizes should not be the normal case.

Did you adjust the size of the card? Or it is just created with different title size?

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Support Team

It happens when I adjust the size of the note, increasing it, or when I add a title on a card that I have previously enlarged.
But there doesn’t seem to be a rule, because it happens frequently, but not every time.


Hello, at present, pressing and holding the card to drag vertically will adjust the font. There will be no problem dragging horizontally left and right. Can you see this rule

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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Yes it seems to work!! Thank you so much!