MarginNote 3.6.4 ( Crashes when choose "Review" in Notebook [Study]

crashlog (115.9 KB)

Version: Version 3.6.4 (3.6.4004)
OS: MacOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76)

Reproduce Steps:
Environment: Have lots Notebooks in [Study] and Card Decks in [Review]

  1. Go to [Review], choose any Card Deck and Pick a card
  2. Cmd+2
    => goes to a Notebook in [Study]
  3. “Right mouse click” and choose “Go Review”
    => goes back to the Card in [Review]
  4. (Same as step 2) Cmd +2
    => goes to a Notebook in [Study]
  5. “Menu > Notes & Cards > Review” or “Alt+Cmd+R”
    => MarginNote crashes

Note: It is not 100% reproduceable. But sometimes when it happens, it crashes 90% of the time.

Expected outcome: Goes back to the card in [Review]

Thanks for the feedback. We’re testing it and will fix it ASAP.