MarginNote 3 v3.7.12 unusable due to crashing on iPadOS 14.7.1

I just installed MarginNote 3 v3.7.12 on my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9” running iPadOS 14.7.1 an it has been crashing since the moment I installed it. I performed multiple forced restarts on the iPad Pro, defragmented MarginNote’s database, and cleared MarginNote’s buffer. It still continues to crash.

I will try to delete, then reinstalled MarginNote 3. Since MN3 was just installed today, I am skeptical that this will solve this problem.

This did not occur to MarginNote 3 when it was installed on my previous iPad Pro 12.9” (which was replaced by Apple due to a catastrophic failure).

In it’s current state (crashing endlessly), MarginNote 3 and my ongoing subscriptions are a waste.

Please help me resolve this issue and so I can continue my research.

Update 21/25/08 10:19 PST

Uninstalling then installing Margin Note 3 did not change (reduce) the frequency of crashes.

Update 21/26/08 1:22 PST
I appears the crashing is related to an ePub that I had added to a Study Group. Removing the ePub and replacing with the equivalent PDF appears (after limited use) to have resolved the crashing.

Thank you.


First of all, thank you for writing to Ticket for contacting us, as flashbacks and jams are our top priority.
If it's convenient for us to check the possible causes of the backsliding:
1. whether the problem can be reproduced and whether there is a trigger pattern.
If it can be reproduced, you can tell us the specific steps or send us the screenshot/video key steps.

2.Could you share the crashes here or tell me your email so I can search email history for your report

What’s your device type , os version and app version, I’ll try to find your logs.

Please follow steps below to share with us the crash logs, thanks!


Kind Regards,
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