Markdown export

Please add ability to export to markdown. As an example, here’s the format I was able to get to after exporting to mindmap, selecting all in my mindmap program, exporting to markdown, then running regexes over the output using a perl script. I’d like to skip these steps and just go straight to markdown from Marginnote, to allow export to apps like Roam Research and Remnote.

Format should look as follows, which renders as per attached screenshot. Very tight and tidy, no extra line breaks. Markdown is pretty simple so it could be relatively simple to implement if you don’t handle image export.

### PART I: Lessons from Top Tech Companies [*](marginnote3app://note/90A33F40-CAD1-40CD-8A80-52AC24162A65)
- CHAPTER 1: Behind Every Great Product [*](marginnote3app://note/6BC9779E-47AA-4817-9660-EF1803DAC855)
	-  product manager
		**led the product team** to **combine technology and design** to **solve real customer problems** in a way that **met the needs of the business.**   [*](marginnote3app://note/860B9ED9-B9C3-44FD-976F-2F5099A3DDB9)
- CHAPTER 2: Technology‐Powered Products and Services [*](marginnote3app://note/1861FD7E-3956-44E6-9CC1-D24FE6574C85)
	- in this book, I concentrate exclusively on products that are powered by technology [*](marginnote3app://note/D1131F79-3AA2-4A11-BE4B-153C20B08699)
		- My focus is on the unique issues and challenges associated with building technology‐powered products, services, and experiences. [*](marginnote3app://note/942FE5F8-7E24-4FA0-8246-32B748077765)
		- most products today are transforming into technology‐powered products, and the companies that don't realize this are rapidly being disrupted. [*](marginnote3app://note/A1AE11B3-FE8B-4406-87D5-C94CA5E8DD58)```
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Its not the phenomenal Markdown-Export you requested… but a md-Editor.what do you think about this?

Perfect, and good example @jacrify. Markdown is a far better export option than the horrible RTF/RTFD that MarginNote produces now.

@fan_reg – editing notes in markdown is not export.