Mindmap for multipel texts/readings

Hi all,

I’m interested in some of the functionality of MN. I’m trying to find a way to build a large scale picture of a field of literature. Is there a way to do this. I understand that the mindmap feature is designed to create mindmaps for use within certain texts (i.e. linking parts of an article together and creating a visual representation of how studies conduct research and draw conclusions. I’m wondering if there is a way to bring excerpts from different readings together in the same mindmap? Example: I could have a conclusions mind map with all the snippets from certain studies related to their conclusions. Is this possible?

Hello, Marcus,

Welcome to the MarginNote Forum. I think you want to

I’m glad to tell you this is one of the special feature of MN3. And please follow these steps to bing excerpts together in one mindmap.

  1. Create a new mindmap notebook for study.
  2. Import any number of documents from the library.
  3. Then you’re able to excerpt texts from these PDFs.
  4. If you want to import other files, please tap on the “manage” button which is near the top right corner and then repeat step2.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to tell me.


Thank you for this. Is there a way import an entire folder of documents into a mind map at once? For example, if I have organized some of my PDFs into a folder called “Findings,” can I import all of those files all at once into my mindmap?

Sorry, MN3 don’t support to import a entire folder to a mindmap notebook at present.