MN3 3.6.14 Mac hangs in Research Browser on IEEE Xplore

Under MacOS Catalina 10.15.6, when using Google to open a paper’s web page at the IEEE Xplore digital library, the web page starts to render (very slowly), but then MN3 hangs indefinitely (beachball) and has to be killed.

This is 100% reproducible. I used MN3 Research on this string for testing:

“Nvmain 2.0: A user-friendly memory simulator to model (non-) volatile memory systems”

As Xplore is a pretty important resource for EE/CS/…, it would be very desirable to have it work correctly!

Hello, do you facilitate this query URL sent to us and record a screen description of what operation is stuck after.

The actual URL used is

Interestingly, when you access that URL when you do not have a subscription to IEEE Xplore, the preview version of the page renders fine.

The problem occurs only when you access to the URL with a full subscription enabled (e.g., from an institutional network). The, the contents of the paper are also supposed to be rendered. And that leads to MN3 hanging:

The animation (the circles at the bottom of the page) keeps spinning, CPU load increases to 100%, the rainbow beachball cursor comes up, but nothing else happens.
In the Force Quit menu, MN3 is shown in red as Not Responding.

When Force Quitting MN3, the Problem Report MN3615-crashreport.txt (2.6 MB) attached is generated.

I hope this helps with Debugging. BTW, I already tried this with the new MN3 3.6.15. It shows the same behavior.

Hi, this may be a flash problem. I will report back, but we can’t reproduce the problem, so if you have a site that doesn’t require a login, please keep the feedback coming~!