Moving notes to a text app


Hello, I’m thinking about purchasing Marginnote, I just need to know if it can help me with a feature:

Since I study a lot on pdf documents and take notes from them, I highlight what’s important, but in order to have specific informations on a specific topic without keeping thousands of pdfs and having to scroll what i highlighted, I copy important informations on a text doc, like a paper notebook, and delete the pdfs. Later I can rearrange informations, delete duplicate informations and so on. This solution to achieve this goal is very time- and focus-wasting, always switching to word and pasting things every time…

I would like to know if it is possible to either select only the text that I had highlighted in a document, to copy and paste it later on elsewhere, to have organically what i’m interested in all in one place. Another solution that would do the trick could be a “right-click and send selected text to app” feature for example. Is there anything the like or another way that I didn’t figure out? Thanks in advance for every help.


Have you tried using tags on the notes to denote the ones that you want to collect?

I have to wonder why you are doing the markup and then moving your annotations to a different app. The beauty of MN is its ability to process the annotations directly after collecting them. Processing is done in study mode. Also, you can export the annotations directly from that mode without needing to copy + paste to a separate app.

Finally, I have to wonder about the approach to delete the PDFs. Data storage is cheap. Would you not benefit more by keeping the records of your markups done in MN (i.e. not deleting the annotated PDFs)?

In summary, for what you describe in your workflow, I would instead …

  • use tags on the annotations
  • annotate the PDF and then move to study mode
  • collect the annotations and export them
  • import the annotations into the different app for review and processing
  • not delete the annotated PDF



Hello, thanks for your answer. I currently do not own Marginnote, this feature that I was enquiring about aims to determine if it can do for me, I only read the features of this app, which is very appealing to me, on the website.
The documents I own are often saved internet pages, articles, all about a specific matter. I do have novels as well, they would not be deleted, but as for the articles, quite technical and repetitive, they are hundreds. My virtual notebook I want to create is actually to be seen more of a research than a virtual notebook where I have all the information. All his documents are both a mental burden and I cannot see what I still have to do, not to mention informations about one topic spread in so many documents.

You are talking about annotations :do you mean something I add to the pdf or the marked text? I write very few annotations on the pdfs, sometimes something I add, but the annotations should be the very marked text that I move to a text app to arrange them later on :slightly_smiling_face:


MarginNote has a full-featured trial version.

Perhaps you might benefit by discussions about Zettlekasten.

I have yet to test this but the Study mode in MarginNote provides the option to export annotations in ways that can be collected in outside apps.