Needing to Re-Install MarginNote

I am going to buy a new Mac (to replace an old one). Am I able to reuse my same license key (that I had saved from Paddle)? Or do I need to re-purchase another Mac MarginNote?

Thanks! (Sorry if this is a silly question)

You need to go to settings and de-register the old computer. Then you can re-use the license for the new computer.

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Hi there!

You do not need to buy a new license. If your license was only registered on one computer, you could just go to the new mac and register with the same license with no problem. Each MarginNote License has two seats, meaning that you can run our software on two devices at the same time.

However, if you have already registered on two devices, you will need to go to the Mac that you won't be using, open MarginNote, select [MarginNote 3] -> [Deactivate] on the Menubar. You will be good after all that.

We always recommend you to deactivate your license on the devices that you won't be using.



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Support Team

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