No recall mode or review mode with handwriting directly on nodes🎭

That was a marvellous update until I realise there is no recall mode (on mind map) and review mode with handwriting on nodes/captures

What is the point of writing if user -at least- can t review the captures/nodes ?

Why the user needs to open the doc screen or another window for he/she wants to memorise ?

The recall mode + review mode (emphasise type) should be available for writing directly on nodes too.


Thank you for your suggestion.

It will be more recommended if you can click the mindmap and go back to the document to do annotations attached to the text - then the recall mode would work.

The original idea for writing on Mindmap is for improvise and draft - not for the usual annotations.

The reasons is majorly because if the mindmap changes, the mindmap and the ink will be in different position: You can fix this by binding them in 3.7.5, but it takes more steps then directly doing annotations in the PDF.

I will forward your suggestion to our developer team and we will discuss it.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Why anyone choose to click node, open doc screen, do the annotations (if you mean this willpower consumer, unstylish, uneffective, unfocusable unprocess as a producive work) after all his effort to carry everything to mind map?

Why do you imagine mind map user as a something for Just for artist or painter or smt?
We talked about the review function for mind map even before the handwriting update.

I am Just mind map User and ı want to use my mind map with FULL function
And I believe there are so many User like me
We talked about before under at least 3 subjects/feature requests even.

The problem you dont understand is you think one sided only

Doc + Mind map type work is not effective
Becuse it is multitasking
And multitasking ability is for so less People in the world.
And so many people in here use MN in small screen

If you bring this speciality as an option for mind map User too there wouldnt be discuss


I see.

Sorry, what I said before is just a recommendation - given the circumstances that it is currently unavailable for highlighters drawn in mindmap to cover contents in recall mode.

I understand and respect your workflow. It does seem better to concentrate on mindmap on a not-so-big screen.

I have forward your idea to our developer team and we will discuss it soon.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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Thank you for replying. Have a great work :rocket::slightly_smiling_face::telescope:

İs there any update for this subject ?

Any progress or discussion ?

Why there is no answer.