(not bug, solved) Note comment is not saved if keyboard is not slid down

ipad 6th gen
ios 13.4.1
marginnote 3.6.9 (latest as of now)

Comment that are typed halfway won’t be saved

Recreating the bug:

  1. Type new comment or add more words to an old comment.
  2. Without sliding down the keyboard, go to other app.
  3. Then, go back to marginnote.
  4. Marginnote reloads, open the comment being modified, the newly added words are not saved.

Must slide down the keyboard before going other apps.

This doesn’t happen with Bearapp or any other writing apps, you can leave the keyboard hanging while going to other apps, and the written words won’t disappear.

I am still wondering whether it is because of my old iPad’s RAM issues, problem with the iOS version itself, or is it Marginnote. But I am thinking it is marginnote.

Hello, can you make a video? I just reproduced the problem here the first time I tried it, and didn’t reproduce the problem any time I tried it after that. See if it’s better to turn iCloud off? That should be the problem with MarginNote3.
Because, again the card edit box here, handwritten using pencil after not clicking ‘done’. exit and come back in. Will lose the current markup, possibly the same issue.

Will upload after few minutes.

My iCloud is off, and I didn’t test it yet with iCloud on, I assume it will cause it too.

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My bad. It is a RAM problem.

I can’t reproduce it either after clearing iPad RAM(home+power button).

It straights lead me back to the last position after switching apps (note open with the keyboard up), there is no more Marginnote loading screen.

Before clearing RAM, after switching apps, there will be Marginnote loading screen, which will cause the edit to disappear.

Edit: thanks for support. It seems like I have to clear my RAM instead.

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Okay, thank you. So try it. Please also keep in touch with us if you have questions. Security of note data. is important to us very, very much.

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