OhMyMN made by ourongxing

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With the efforts of the author ourongxing and MN team members, we translate OhMyMN, one of the best plugin from Chinese Forum.
However, this beta version may still have some problems and some part of the user guide is still translating, if you find some issues, please tell us! You can reply directly here, or you can go to github to submit an issue!
We will try to translate more excellent plugin!


:trumpet:Internal plugins in ohmymn are collectively called modules below.

OhMyMN is designed with highly customizable settings to make excerpts nonsensical, making everything feel so natural to you. OhMyMN focuses on the related processing of excerpts, comments, titles, labels, and cards. There are only two triggering methods, one is to automatically trigger when excerpting, and the other is to manually trigger after selecting a card avoiding all accidental touches’ possibility.

Version 3 Epic Update

  1. Three New Modules
    • Gestures: New gesture operation, trigger MagicAction in one step.
    • AutoTag: Automatically extract tags and add tags through regular matching.
    • AutoStyle: Automatically modify the excerpt color and excerpt style.
  2. Magic Action
    • Merge Cards: Also merge headers as header links
    • Configuration management: Write the configuration into the brain map and synchronize with the MN.
      -Add tags
  3. International support, bilingual in Chinese and English.
  4. Each module setting menu in ohmymn is hidden by default if it is not turned on, and the options related to presets are hidden by default when the preset is not enabled.
  5. Multi-configuration management, 5 sets of configurations can be switched arbitrarily with the document to meet different scenarios.
  6. Read custom settings from mind map cards and write complex customizations like building blocks.
  7. Keep the screen always on and ignore low power mode.
  8. Automatically detect updates.
  9. A series of small updates to each module.

User Guide

The latest usage documentation (English vers.) :Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. (If you have a better translation suggestion, please comment in Notion!)
The latest usage documentation (Chinese vers.) : Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


ohmymn_v3.0.2.mnaddon (59.9 KB)




Thank you very much for the translation.

It’s a pretty complex plugin and challenging to understand how everything works, but I am trying my best.

A question: Is it possible to use OhmyMN to automatically color notes in the mindmap based on tags? Or the other way around, to automatically tag a note in the mindmap based on its color?