One more request - minor change but huge impact - AUTO TITLES ❌

Please stop marginnote from converting my pasted notes from other apps/browsers into a title automatically. Since I have my titles as caps it’s obvious when it does this as it comes up as all caps. Or option to paste as title or comment or change in preferences. Secondly, please prevent paste of external note as a merge automatically. Again, paste as child/merge or preferences. I’m aware you have already changed this for the INTERNAL PDF reader

I’m very sad

Edit: please move to correct forum

1,About converting pasted notes
Later I will provide a screencap to show the operation.

2, about drag and drop
We just made a multianalysis of all the ‘drag and drop’ mechanism within MN this week. Noticed some kinds of ‘drag and drop’ only could making child nodes, others only supports merging. That was quietly confusing. So we will provide a unified ‘drag and drop’ define in MM. And you will be able to set merging or being child node.

If you press and hold the button ‘Drag’ in the mindmap area. You could find the options for Multi-windows mindmap excepts drag and drop. It’s our beginning. We will perfect all the drag and drop system afterward.

I just tested this out for drag and drop out of other apps. I tried each option on drag but all still create a title card and then on second drop creates a merge.