Outline Suggestions

  1. I think having two modes for the Outline is rather awkward (View and Edit) - I’m not sure why the Outline cannot be edited when it is not expanded.

Instead, the modes should be ‘Compact’ and ‘Expanded’ - or something along those lines, with most of the editing features still available in ‘Compact’ (e.g. being able to rearrange items).

  1. There is also no ‘X’ button to clear the search bar, as there is in the iOS version.

  2. When selecting multiple items in the outline using Shift + Left Click, the selection does not register all items unless one clicks the outline.

  3. It is great to have a scrollbar for the outline on the Mac version. I think this is sorely needed for the iOS versions.

  4. When navigating the Outline using the keyboard, Up and Down arrow keys work as expected, but Left and Right does not behave consistently. Left/Right could be changed to Collapse/Expand to be consistent with MacOS Finder and other outline apps.


What did you mean when you say “There is also no ‘X’ button to clear the search bar, as there is in the iOS version”? Could you attach a screenshot to show?
What did you mean when you say “the selection does not register all items”, could you attach some screenshot or video ?
About the other suggestions, I’ll consider them. We may fix the 5th first.


The following video shows this. After using Shift + Left Click, the additional items are not selected in the mindmap and therefore I cannot perform actions (e.g. Merge). The selection updates only when I click the outline again to de-select one of the items.

Here is a screenshot of the clear button on iOS:


Hi Margin note and community

RE - automation for study mode highlights on the map?

Is there a way to make the highlighted section in study mode automatically go below the previous one? Every time having to go up to the top right corner, and drag down to the correct place is a bit tiresome - I have a feeling you already have a setting for this but I can’t find it!

Many thanks!


Hi again Margin note

BTW - I have sent you a load of feature requests and feedback privately to the admin email I got with my licence code. If you would like me to copy them to here I can.




Could you make a screenshot or short video/gif to show the specific phenomenon?


Yes, you could, you can make a new thread, forum is not like mail or IM, you can always make your thread the topmost.


OK, I got it. It’s a bug.


Hi, I can see the video you shared via Dropbox.
If you want to insert after the item you want, you should first select the item in the left MindMap.


When selecting multiple items in the Outline, ‘Regroup’ button does not appear:


I would suggest the vertical mindmap should be adjustable to individual map within one book, instead of a mass setting right on the section.

Also, it would be great if the piece of info cut out of the book could be rotated, since some charts are printed vertically along the whole page of the book, not all charts are horizontally. Therefore, if I wanna study on the mind map, I cannot read the chart standing vertically unless I rotate it like rotating the physical book. If you know what I mean.