Pinterest and MarginNote

Have you used Pinterest?

I am using this platform for USMLE and medical interest only.

What I noticed is, you can’t stop at this app. The brain feels the infinity feeling.
Because you jump from one picture to to another connected picture with intention.
And best thing is the interface is so beautiful you can make your panel almost zero friction and losing willpower.

Maybe if the developers implement this speciality our tags (instead of picture) we can study our notes with flexible way.
Okay after clicking the tag, we can screen other notes connected tags But;
If we can have option for going linked notes via tags (not via linking itself) we may have same feeling like this social platforms. And the users will use tags more and more… because the willpower is the MAIN ISSUE here. If we want to better margin note, the notes should be more flexible
If we want notes flexible, we should improve TAG system.

But the important thing is we need tag optimization firstly


Kind of hard to understand, what features do you need for tags in Pinterest?
Is it a separate tag view interface? All notebook tags can now be filtered and viewed through the search interface.

Sorry for late replying back because of my exams.

Thank you for feedback too😊

The purpose on this wish is the feeling the flow on hashtag experience like Pinterest app

(As I showed in the first picture), The panel of hashtags are good but it will be better if the user can go the other connected cards with the same #hashtag”, as the user can go on “links” now (as I showed on 3rd picture )
Because the users can go the original cards with “linked note” panel/interface but not with “hashtag” panel/interface
Shortly: the users want same panel on “hashtag” like “links” or as you said separate interface for hashtags.

the users should feel the flow on hashtags and can surf on them like a links. :surfing_man:‍♂ :surfing_woman:

As I understand it, marginnote3 is currently able to list all the notes under a certain tag. But you mentioned “go through”, do you want to see this jump in the diagram? We currently lack a reference for what such a design would solve.

Yes I meant “go through” sorry for bad English :nerd_face:

I Didn’t notice the go through option earlier, the problem is solved now.

Thank you for care