Quick bookmarks in both directions?

After I have marked text passages in a PDF for an excerpt in Study Mode, I would like to see the node highlighted in the MindMap by double-clicking the (centering the chosen node too when it was outside the window before). Conversely, it would also be very helpful if a double-click on the MindMap node led me to the marked point in the PDF.
That doesn’t seem possible to me at the moment or have I overlooked the corresponding settings?

Hello, would you be able to upload some screenshots or videos describing it in detail? That way I can help you better.

Hmm -
making a screenshot or video from something, that doesn’t exist seems a little bit difficult.

Second try to explain:
When I doubleclick on a node in my mindmap I’d like to see the corresponding pdf and the surroundings of the citation in the document-window on the right.
When I doublecklick on the yet marked sentence in the document-window on the right side, I would like the corresponding node in my mindmap centered in the left mindmap-part.

Have you tried this ?