Restore annotations mind map

Hi, guys. I was studying and I was creating my mind map using excerpts from different documents. I mistakenly deleted one of those (but I kept the annotations) and the annotations (from the document I deleted) I had on the mind map disappeared. Is there any way to restore the annotations? I’ve tried to re-import the document I deleted but nothing happened. I wonder if there’s any way to cut corners. Redoing everything would be a huge hassle. Please, save me. Thanks in advance

Sad. When it happens, immediately press cmd z is undo. cmd shift z is redo.

I didn’t know that :frowning: thanks for your reply

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For now I just manually create backups. FYI: From what I understand, automatic backups are on the roadmap to help you out in the future:

Hope so! It would be a lifesafer!