Some cards have bigger font size than others

Hi Margin Note support.

As attached, some cards have bigger font size than others. I tried to figure out the way to make it consistent but haven’t found any option to change the font size.

Would you please help check and advise?


Hi Tobet,

Every card could be resized like a single pic. Try to drag the edge of the card.

Best Regards,
Support Team

Hi Support Team,

Thanks for your quick support. Actually what I mean is not about resizing card size. It’s about increase/ decrease font size of card content.

Below is the screenshot that has the card with header Foreclosed. I tried to decrease the font size by select the content and choose Format > Font> Bigger/ Smaller but the font size remains unchanged.

Can you replicate the issue or do you want me to send my file for you to replicate?


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Please send me your notebook’s Marginnote Format backup (export) to test.:slightly_smiling_face: