Some UX tips for the next release


I’ve just switched to MN3 from MindManager and I’m really impressed. Congrats for a great job :slight_smile:

I have some UX suggestions (for MacOS version) which would improve a heavy-user workflow during mind-mapping:

  1. When a new node is created (by extraction), a very common action I do is to merge it with already existing node. At the moment I must 1. move it to make it a child of an “old” node and 2. merge it . My suggestion: add the possibility to merge it with one step, for example by moving it with “Shift” key pressed (when “Shift” not pressed - it will become a child like it is now).

  2. Extend the possibility of collapsing nodes with “Cmd+.”:

  • now: “Cmd+.” switches between collapsed - expand
  • my suggestion:
    • 1-st “Cmd+.”: expand to the 1st level
    • 2-nd “Cmd+.”: expand to the 2nd level
    • 3-rd “Cmd+.”: full expand (like Cmd+9 at the moment)
    • 4-th “Cmd+.”: full collapse (like Cmd+0 at the moment)

Believe me or not, but thats a really killing feature :slight_smile:

  1. I do really miss an easy way to make separate words in nodes bold and italic…

Thats all for now - if I have any new suggestions, I add them as a reply to this topic.



ad 1.
OK, I’ve found the option to set-up a default behavior (child or merge). But still it would be good to have a “Shift” option at hand,