【Sub. Statement】Version 3.5 is out - It is subscription based

Users be aware of above.

I won’t be paying the monthly subscription charge, I’ve already paid for the app.

Questions aren’t even being answered in this forum, I figure this is deliberate.

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Actually the subscription is only for the new and optional OCR Pro feature. I’m guessing this is because there are usage and licensing costs that need to be covered by ABBYY and Baidu Cloud.

Thanks for the explanation from @Jun . He is right. MarginNote brings ABBYY OCR offline engine into Reader and text excerpt tools as a background dynamic recognition mechanism. It’s using for but not only for these situations:
1, you have PDF books that are from a scanner or camera. Marginnote will automatically sharpen the image then OCR by the offline engine and secondary proofreading by online AI OCR service.
2, you’re not satisfied with your books OCR statement
3, even you have PC with Finereader, but you can’t stand the long loading time to perform an OCR PDF. Now with Marginnote dynamic background engine. All this stuff works silently and immediately usable.
4, a Spotlight based notebook index for searching means OCR for your handwriting like goodnotes
5, Old OCR Users is limited with Rect excerpt and network. Now text excerpt is also available.

about Why Subscription?
After several rounds of negotiations with ABBYY Corporation. They only allow us using ABBYY engine by end-user license. It means every user from MN has to pay for ABBYY. We can’t afford this so we strived for low price as far as possible as a subscription.
On the contrary, online OCR service is from Baidu network AI engine. We provide this online service since last year when you’re using Rect excerpt but never charge for it. In fact, we have to pay for this budget every month. Fortunately, Baidu does not demand pay by end-users.

Go through the following steps to turn off automatic updates.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Swipe up until you find iTunes & App Store.
  3. Under Automatic Downloads, turn off the toggle next to Updates.
  4. Turn off automatic updates.

Apple will inform you of individual updates that are due.

Hey Rebs

You are aware that the app is still a one-off payment, and that all the new features in the new update - except the completely optional Pro OCR feature - are free updates for existing purchasers?

Not updating would be rather silly, given that v3.5 appears to have a lot of new features for existing users, e.g. font customisation


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