Suggestions for hashtag improvements!

@Lanco_Support-Team, I’m pleased to hear you’re interested in the Zettlekasten method. I wonder if your team would be willing to share your ideas for implementing this in MN here on the forum — before coding — so we could have a discussion about it?

Personally, I have my own ad-hoc workflow but I am very curious about the Zettlekasten method (ZKM). I suggest this because I feel there are others here on the forum who have a lot more experience with this method, and they could provide some valuable feedback before any time is spent coding.

Having a forum discussion here about doing ZKM in MN would be a way for all of us to learn more about the method, and could be helpful for your team in how to best extend MN to support it.

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Yes, sure. We are very pleased to share the ideas in the forum before coding.Now I’m working on letting everyone in the team to understand this method by making some demo videos. Whenever you have any attachment to this, you cloud post it.


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@Lanco_Support-Team @Sushi_Support-Team Please fix the basic features first, when exporting to Word, emphasised words are not transferred.
And exporting to Evernote doesn’t work properly.
And a more comprehensive Word count & search would be nice too.


Hi @Lanco_Support-Team. Sounds great. Maybe we should create a new thread to discuss the Zettlekasten method and MarginNote.


Just touching base about this, and wondering if there’s any news about future hashtag developments.



Hello, jprint and other devoted users,
I’m very grateful for your contribution to the development of MarginNote 3. As this post was created a long time ago, some features of hashtags have been implemented in MN3. And I know clearly that most of you want hashtags more flexible, which I have repeated in the latest post: How export notes with select hashtags? - #10 by Sushi_Support-Team
So I’d like to know what other improvements do you want, it will greatly enhance my understanding of your needs.
Really look forward to your reply.

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Hi @Sushi_Support-Team

Ok, here’s a list of desired features and fixes, in order of importance…

  1. Get syncing to work! We want to be sure that our documents, notes, bookmarks AND folders & categories (!!!) are syncing properly so that our work is being saved, and carrying over from our platforms (iOS & MacOS) and app (for Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.). As part of that, I’d recommend creating some kind of progress bar / recorded info that shows the last time a file was edited/saved, and with info about the number of notes/annotations, so that we can use this as a reference to determine where the most current annotations of a given file reside, and to ensure that it has been successfully synced. Fixing the sync problems is easily the most urgent problem we face;

  2. Fix and clarify MN folders & categories. Right now it’s glitchy and frankly confusing. No one is clear on how MN’s folder systems is supposed to work, and so there’s a chaotic and problematic file organizational structure in MN (or lack thereof). As a result, many of us have learned to only open files in MN the moment we’re ready to annotate them – otherwise they’ll get lost in a disordered list of files that we’re unable to group and As part of this, we’d like to simple folder / organizational taxonomy in which we’re able to group files by subject AND prioritize them.

  3. Fix all of MN exports – many of us have detailed the various problems with each export format – especially for PDFs (!!!), but also for DEVONthink / RTFs, OmniOutliner, etc.

  4. Get PDF export size down to a manageable size. It’s just way too large to properly use and save as an archived file – or send and share to use as a work product for coworkers & colleagues.

  5. Overall Hashtag set up, referring to the taxonomy - organization approach that I outlined. I think I’ve detailed it enough over here! BTW, I’ve been using TaskPaper as a quick and easy way to create my hashtag taxonomy. Maybe there’s a way for MN to interface with TaskPaper…or you could just refer to it as a simple guide, at the very least…

  6. Create an UID in MarginNote-annotated files – AND, by extension, the notes they create. This will vastly improve the inter-app workflow with such apps as Tinderbox and DEVONthink Pro. For instances such UID’s would help users locate MN-annotated documents and notes in other app’s, and determine where they’d need to be corrected. That would enable users to use the UID to locate the original MN-annotated documents and notes and make corrections, accordingly. Makes sense?

  7. Enable MarginNote’s links to work for internal text for document files (i.e., URL schemes that connect to internal MN-created notes). In other words, enable users to use the MN3-created URL links in other apps (e.g., DEVONthink) – beyond expensive 3rd party apps! (e.g., Mac’s native PDF app, Preview) – so that when we click on MN3-created URL links they’re not opening MarginNote again and, by extension, opening that file online via the iCloud.

  8. Enable MarginNote’s links to be more universally accessible to MN and non-MN users, so that MN users and our colleagues can open them outside of MN, in other apps – apart from expensive 3rd party apps (like PDF Expert) – offline / disconnected from the iCloud;

  9. Refer to my “Search / Find requests (suggestions)” – namely, when using MN’s Search / Find function, the color of the found text is the same as the yellow highlight, so it’s very hard to spot in the document. I’d suggest that MN change the color of the found text, and maybe highlight it with an animated flash (which other apps do nicely). Also, it would be great if there could be a “Find next…” feature, so that one can toggle from one found search word to the next, etc.

  10. Create some kind of Find / Replace function. Also, provide an option to change Smart/Straight quotes. These things are just to help us clean up the text – esp. when the OCR is poor (in MN or another app).

  11. Enable user to just export notes with select hashtags. This would be hugely helpful.

  12. Fix the naming glitch when importing docs into MN so that it doesn’t tack on a number into parentheses.

  13. Redo your user manual! I appreciate some of the online tutorials, but there’s no substitute for a proper written manual.

  14. Create OPML, CSV or Tab-delim exports. For me, it’s a lesser priority now that I’ve changed my work process, but I’ve heard other developers want these export options.

I’m sure there other other suggested repairs and features, but I think this is a good list to start with.

Looking forward to my commission! :wink:


Wow, thanks for your detailed list. That’s awesome!

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Quite welcome! I assume my check is in the mail… :wink:

Seriously, do you have a sense of when you guys might be able to make some of these changes? Numbers 1 - 7 are really critical. In fact, I’ve had to suspend my work in MarginNote until you guys can fix some of the problems (esp. syncing) and add features (esp. the archiving issues with MN3…the PDF size is just unmanageable).

Thanks again, and let me know if you’d like me to clarify anything.

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please let me know when those are fixed, ty ^^

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We are developing the new tag system now and have a little doubt about what kind of Grammar should we use for sub-tag. We study Anki’s Documents and found anki use “tag::subtag” Tag Grammar. But limited to apply with card groups. We suspect there is an universal subtag markup language grammar such as what Devonthink Omnioutliner tinderbox etc. is using.

Any suggestions?



@Lanco_Support-Team , @Sushi_Support-Team , @Min – Just wondering how things are going with the various fixes and features. I’m actually working on COVID-19, and am hoping to rely on MN3 to do my work. I promise you I’m not invoking a pandemic to get faster work on your app – I’m totally serious. Anyway, please keep me posted on what you expect you can do since it’ll directly affect the kind of work I’m able to do.

Thank you!

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Hi Josh,

Min said that if you have any emergency request, we could give you a First priority development.
As far as I understand, we will follow the priority list you give.
3.6.6 have improved sync stability and speed. But fully brand-new sync tech. need to be waiting for 3.7~3.8. We will provide a webdav based new sync which allows you use other sync services.

Best wishes!

Hi Lanco,

I would like Marginnote to add the following feature: the possibility to export the notes to .rtf and not just .apkg. At the same time, the hashtags should automatically be converted to standard Spotlight tags (the tags the OS is using in Finder). This would be very useful for us.

Why I suggest this feature? I work in humanities and my workflow looks like this: I read articles and books on Ipad, I highlight and hashtag some passages, then I export these passages to Devonthink (and Tinderbox) for further research.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Our existing API interface can do this. Let me show you…

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It’s been a long time since I’ve check in on this forum, though I’m aware of some of the changes that MN has made through recent updates.

I’ve had to put most of my MN work on hold, given the various work problems that I outlined – and the deficiencies I identified – in my list (i.e., the “list of desired features and fixes, in order of importance” numbers 1 - 14).

I’m wondering if @Lanco_Support-Team , @Edward_Support-Team and @marginnote have been able to address some these items, especially numbers 2 - 8, which are easily the most pressing for me.

I’d love to hop back on MarginNote and continue to use, but I wouldn’t be able to do so without fixes to the problems I identified in my list for numbers 2 - 8.

Please let me know, whenever possible. Thanks!

Several months ago, I posted the following question / request re: hashtag improvements and fixes:

Has @marginnote made any changes to address this? Thanks!

Any updates? Any developments??



Hello, I'm currently preparing some work for 3.7!

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Ok, so what does that mean?