Syncing Between ipad and macbook

I have been using MarginNote on my ipad for sometime, and finally decided to purchase the mac version so I can view my documents and notes on my macbook. However, none of my notes or documents are syncing. syncing to icloud is on, and I have tried the “sync to cloud” option. None of my notes are appearing on my mac version. Please help.



Hello, note data is slower to sync at the moment due to fragmentation issues. Please check if iCloud has been turned on to synchronize your files and notebooks (☁️ will be shown below if it has been turned on); then select iCloud from the more in the bottom left corner of the main interface, enter the synchronization interface, see if there are any errors, if there are errors, try to turn off the corresponding iCloud switch, try again after 30 seconds; if it shows that it is downloading, then please wait patiently: make sure that the connection is clear to WI-FI, stay in the iCloud synchronization interface, make sure that the device is always on, turn on the power charger; you can also try to restart the device or restore the network settings, we are optimizing the synchronization function, we expect the version 3.7~3.8 will be improved, in addition, the handoff function can be transferred, airdrop can also be tried~

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Support Team

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They are not fixing the issue anytime soon. The developers keep making empty promises. You can see users complaining about the issue as far back as 2019 (Unable to update syncs between platorms). They haven’t fixed the syncing issue in 3 years! Don’t hold your breath.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with sync, @samyad23.

The thing is that people without trouble syncing may not be posting about this on the forums…

Personally, I have been syncing a large database and number of notebooks without any issues for over a year now.

Problems have arisen for me as well in the beginning, because I was trying to sync large media files (i.e. audio and video) via iCloud. However, it’s simple enough to synchronize those via WiFi instead of iCloud.

For me, the syncing used to take 5-10 minutes. I was slow but manageable. Now the issue got a lot worse. Now I have to wait 30 minutes, if it happens at all.

Some things to check:

  • Is Sync to iCloud enabled on all devices for the document / notebook you’re trying to sync?
  • Is iCloud still busy syncing things unrelated to MarginNote?
  • Have you restarted MarginNote on all devices that should be synced?
  • Have you tried selecting the “Manual Sync” button for the document/notebook to be synced (on both devices)?
  • Have you opened the “Cloud Sync” menu on all devices? What messages is it displaying? (This is obviously not needed to sync, but perhaps it gives a clue that can help with troubleshooting)

Another option might be to reinstall MarginNote on one or several of the devices. If there are changes made on that device, which have not yet been saved, you should manually back up the documents or notebooks before reinstalling.


Nothing is working. I tired reinstalling the app on iPad as well. It’s been 2 days & the sync is still not complete.

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İf sycn is going to be fixed,
The document folders (with documents in them) AND the Studies SHOULD be sycn coordinately.
When i sycn my data ipad to mac i should be able to see the same document folders i crateted on ipad
Thats my wish for sycn


I’m pretty sure they will not fix this issue at all. You can check the issue was reported 2 years ago (Unable to update syncs between platorms - #3 by Jun) and each time they keep saying 'they are working on it".

They also never update the date they would release an update for the issue. This app is a gone case, the devs don’t care at all.