Urgent! The pdf document is dimmed!

Using mn3 on iPadPro 11inch 2gan.
This screen shot is a comparison of the documents I scanned (300dpi) and the mn user guide document that was saved when I first installed mn3 with mn3, adobe acrobat app.

ReadMode is also blurry, but especially when mind maps need to be viewed together, the document is severely blurred (it should be as clear as the right screen in the split-screen picture).
This document also appears as clear as Adobe Acrobat in Windows10, iPadPro app Notability, xodo and flexcil.

We’ve tried both the pdf generator engine in Settings, Apple, and Mn3, but there’s no significant improvement (the processing speed is slow in the mn3 engine).

I study on iPadPro for eight hours a day. In situations where documents need to be read for a long time, blurry quality makes the eyes very tired (especially when mind maps need to be viewed together).
I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to solve this problem or solve it quickly through an update.