What's your workflow for using Marginnote on Mac?

Currently what I do for research papers/journals is drag them into Mendeley, and then have its save folder/exported PDFs with renamed file names directed to a folder inside Marginnote.

I wish I could sync those folders into google drive tho!

Also Marginnote doesn’t really have an easy to work with file organization system… I’m seriously considering just removing my synced folder and not treating Marginnote as an all in one hub for files like I do on iPad. And then just opening files as needed on Marginnote, but keeping a separate more organized copy on Google Drive (though yes this does take up more space).

Was really looking forward trying out iCloud sync with my iPad for the files… but I heard people are still getting issues about this?

Was wondering what you guys are doing :smiley:


Hello, thank you very much for your feedback about the shortcomings of Marginnote’s file management design, would you like to talk about it in more detail?
We currently support managing documents based on both tags and folders, in what situations can cause problems for your workflow?

Kind Regards,
Support Team