Would hand writing recognition ever be implemented?

Hi Marginnote devs,

First of all, kudos to all the developers behind Marginnote. I’ve used many many note-taking apps but Marginnote is truly on another level. The recent Apple Pencil update that allows me to write everything with native Apple pencil interface & write instead of typing is just really great.

I don’t know much about iOS app development but since Apple pencil already has Apple’s native handwriting-to-text feature, is it possible to implement that feature to any writings on mindmap / pdf?

I’m using Marginnote with Notability, which has amazing handwriting recognition feature but now I have to

  1. Finish taking notes on Notability to make my handwritings recognizable
  2. Export Notability notes to Marginnote (in PDF)
  3. Import the PDF to the existing Marginnote mindmap and connect the two.

This gets very tiring when there are many PDFs to import to one mindmap.
If Marginnote has a handwriting integration like Notability, I wouldn’t even bother using Notability and do all the work on Marginnote.

I realize that Marginnote’s recent update to let users draw/write things on ‘sub’ mindmap is really cool.
Maybe consider implementing handwriting recognition feature on that so that it can get super cool.

PS> I personally think Marginnote is so underrated. I want to personally post some Marginnote intro videos on my blog. However, I don’t find any official resources to do so. How about sharing Marginnote ad assets so that bloggers like me can easily use them to introduce Marginnote?



Thank you so much for your love and support.

Apple has not opened up the API for handwriting recoginition, shape detection, and many more cool features of PencilKit to third party developers, therefore it is not possible for us to implement these features for now. Fingers crossed that Apple will give us these APIs soon.

Thanks again for your love and support!

Kind Regards,
Support Team

What about to use My script?

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Nebo has excellent handwriting recognition too (the best IMHO )

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I’m in the same position. I use GoodNotes for note-taking because of its excellent handwriting recognition. However, GoodNotes lacks the knowledge management features that MarginNote has. I prefer to use MarginNote for all of my notes but handwriting recognition is an essential feature for me. I use the desktop versions of these softwares, so I take my handwritten notes using a drawing tablet, instead of an iPad.

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