1)Review/Recall mode: MİND MAP 2)Highlights on mind map card can not be screened on document

We talked about review specialty on mind map.
We have talked about Apple Pencil usage improvements on mind map.
We have talked about screen size importance and full mind map using.
We have talked about handwriting directly on mind map (I hope I could see that on the heaven)

And so on…
Unfortunately no even little result any of it for a long time…

Okay you don’t care about mind map orientation. I understand. I won’t hesitate again because I am bored.
But at LEAST;
COULD YOU BRING SPECIALTY THAT Showing highlights on both side (doc and mind map screen) regardless of where the user draws.

Unfortunately when the user highlight or draw something to a card on mind map, the highlights doesn’t go the documents.
What’s the meaning of it.
Why you want to lock mind map to itself.
Why The user have to highlight just on document to review them ?

Why this It’s so important to me:
Because You haven’t brought the “review” specialty on mind map, The user need to see own highlights on document to review it.
I don’t want to highlight on document. Because %70 on people doesn’t have a big screen for multitask. And I am sure %50 of them want to use and highlight (or review) on directly mind map.

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“highlight or draw something to a card on the mind map, the highlights don’t go the documents.”

Hi, this is not for the convenience of handwritten annotations for large screen users. Because the excerpt generated itself is independent of the existence of the document, you can make changes to the original excerpt, these changes on the one hand will not affect the original material, on the other hand, can also be combined to form a new structure.

Thank you for your suggestion. We'll keep an eye out for similar sounds.

Kind Regards,
Support Team


isaatalay42, I can actually understand the usage scenario you describe. But I need to consider whether an improvement corresponding to your requirements might have an impact on other users. For example, for users who don't want the handwriting on the card to be synced to the original text, that doesn't mean that your opinion isn't important to us, just that following a certain scenario to make changes before things are discussed clearly isn't a good option.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

As clearly told before; You dont have to bring that function , if you can bring the ~review/recall~ function on mind map.
Just focus on review function.
Think about review scenario on mind map without flashcard and productivity.
The more time mind mapping, the more time users want to spend time on it: and there will be a lot of users who wants that specialty “review on mind map”

and I don’t guess: NOBODY in here wont accept if you bring that function “as will of users”.
The problem is YOU care or not ?

I personally respect the admin and his effort. And unfortunately you are not sincere as he is.
but If you are sincere about “YOUR WORDS” bring the vote: and everyone will see how much people want or not ?

And everyone of course can comment about this post like happened before. I don’t see anyone who don’t agree with that ?

What do you think @everyone ? You want to review on mind map too or not ?

Just found out this post. To prove that we care about users’ voices and that I am not a lier​:joy::joy::joy:, wait for the next release of MarginNote which is right around the corner. Hopefully it can make you satisfied.

You know, there are so many things that we have to address as a team. I am not lying to you when I say that there are a lot to do and that our capability is quite limited in that we may not get to some of the requests or problems in timely manner.

Nevertheless, hope that the next release of MarginNote will bring what you need to you, and we can go on to resolve other issues with the product.


Thank you Sushi :smiley::wink: Its great app and we all want to see it in better place.


Stay tuned~