60% Discount for MN3

Dear Support Team,

in the past I purchased MN2 and saw that there is a 60% Discount for MN3. I followed the instructions posted on this board and send an email with my old Order ID on 24.07.2021 but never received any answer.

Sadly my 14 day trial is about to end in a couple of days. May I kindly ask you to check, wether you received my email or not?

The address is *******ke@me.com

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


MarginNote 3升级折扣使用指南

  • 如何申请 :



请务必使用与购买MarginNote X相同的电子邮件帐户发送电子邮件


  • 需要注意的是

60%的折扣仅适用于MarginNote X用户, MarginNote XE升级折扣为25%。

要查找您的订单号,请使用“ fastspring”作为关键字搜索邮件,找到收据电子邮件并复制粘贴订单号。


  • FAQ
    • 我已经从Mac AppStore购买了MN2,是否可以获得升级折扣?
      • 可以的,对于MN3的Mac AppStore版本,我们在应用程序中提供有独立的升级折扣按钮,与iOS版本中的按钮相同。你点击该按钮进行购买即可,无需向我们申请折扣码。
    • 我找不到fastspring发送给我的电子邮件,我该怎么办?
      • 如果您仍具有完整的许可证密钥信息,请通过电子邮件将其发送给我们,而不附带附件。

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Hi MarginNote, I had already sent my student ID and personal information to you yesterday to apply for the Education Discount for MarginNote 3 of IMAC.
This is my email: 20085159g@connect.polyu.hk
Please reply to me asap. Thank you.


Hello, we have send you the code just a minutes ago. Please check the email box. If there is no one, please let me know that.

Kind Regards,
Support Team