60% Off Upgrade Code for MarginNote 3- Application Guide

How to Apply :

  1. Title: Upgrade Code + Order Number (A strict must-have)
    Example: Upgrade Code- MAR170601-XXXX-38141

  2. Email sent using the same email account used to purchase MarginNote X
    *If sent with a different email account, the code would still be sent to the original/correct mail address that placed the order in the first place.


  1. The 60% Off is MarginNote X users only.
    MarginNote XE is 25%.
  2. For looking up your order number, search your mail with “fastspring” as keyword, find the receipt emails and copy paste the order number, voila.
    The two emails were delivered by mailer@fastspring.com. If somehow you have lost track of the two emails, make sure that license key info could be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. I have bought MN2 from the Mac AppStore, will I get an upgrade discount?
    Yes, for Mac AppStore version of MN3, we will also its own upgrade discount entry inside the app, same as that in the iOS version. The upgrade code is for the license-version users only.

  2. I could not find the emails that fastspring sent me, what should I do?
    If you still have the complete license key info, send it to us via email without the attachments.

  3. I purchased a MarginNote Essential license, why can’t I get an upgrade code?

Support Team

40% Off Edu Code for MarginNote 3- Application Guide

Education Discount Ready for MarginNote 3 on Mac:
Availability : Non-MAS Licensed version (MAS=Mac AppStore)
Discount Rate : 40% Off
Apply to :
1.Students and teachers;
2.Users who work for edu/research-affiliated organizations/institutions.(Independent Review Per Case)

How to Apply for Edu Coupon Code :
1.Email to service@marginnote.com with a legit university/school mail account.
2.Email Title: Education Discount - MarginNote 3 for Mac - School Name
3.Attach a photo of your student ID / teacher ID
Note. We need to check the validity of the student card info and use it for that purpose only. Personal info is always strictly protected.

Frequently Asked Questions :
1.My university/school does not provide us with a student mail account, what should I provide instead?
If your university/school does not provide such mail service, please send us authentic student ID/registration info. We conduct info check in good grace while maintaining the right to revoke the code if the information provided is later found untrue or borrowed from a third party.

2.K-12 Related
For non-university related students and teachers, please provide us legit school info and status confirmation info as much as you could.

3.I work in an education-affiliated organization, will I be qualified to such education code?
Yes and please provide as much info as you could to show us what you or your organization/institution is working on and how it is related to education.

Support Team

Is it possible to get educational pricing on upgrades?

I have sent an email according to your specification. Please revert back. Thanks.

I sent an email with my licensing information (MarginNote X) on 10/3 and want to upgrade to MN3 however, I haven’t received any information regarding the discount yet. Please advise. Thank you!

I have margin2 essential version purchased on app store and margin3 full on IOS, I do not need the full version on MAC because I use it only to review and edit the maps on the big screen, why I’haven’t received the possibility to upgrade at the same level on Mac neither a discount?

Any Answer ? The practice of having removed the Essential license seems to me quite unfair versu your existing customers …

I haven’t received any feedback from support on this thread or to my personal inbox. Don’t know what gives.

Reupping this post. Admin please reply. It seems like you don’t want our money :wink:

Hi there,
Please private message us of which email address you’ve used so that we can check our mailbox and see what was going on. There are a couple of failed-to-deliver messages in the past (receiver’s email setup denial or sth.)

Support Team

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Hi, it isn’t clear how to PM you on this forum. Instead, I sent you a reply from my school email address. Please let me know if you need anything else.

I have sent multiple emails for the 60% application, but I never receive any reply. Can any team member help me figure this out?


I too have sent emails to service@marginnote.com with required information for the 60% discount but have not received any response of any type.

In a response to someone else on this same subject, you asked that the person direct message you with their email address. I do not see how to DM you.

Thank you

@ColeDaddy : To send a PM, it looks like you click on admin’s icon, and then Message in the pop-up menu.


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Hello. I have followed the instructions thee times

1 sending to service @ marginnote dot com
2 sending to service @ marginnote dotcom and support @ marginnote dot com
3 sending via request for information page on marginnote web site

1 & 2 were sent from my registration email address

I have no response of any type for some time now

Please help

Forum wont let me submit message with links - real email addresses

Did you send a direct message to the admin, via this site (i.e., this forum)?

I can’t figure out how to do it. I tried clicking on the admin’s profile pic, but do not see any option to send a dm. I choose “Reply”’, but it just posted back to the main board.

Are they actually still in business? After trying three separate ways to communicate and getting no response, it looks like a zombie site. I just upgraded version 2 on iOS to version 3, now thinking that was a mistake.

Interesting - the forum just notified me that my trust level has been increased. Now when I click on admin’s profile pic I see the message button.

One more try.

Thanks, Mobo!

Update: sent direct message to admin the other day.

No response.


The update in the version three has a bug. I cannot upgrade with discount. If you click the upgrade with discount it tells you to upgrade MarginNote 2 to version 2.7.15. My version is 2.7.17. I have posted support messages no answer.