60% Off Upgrade Code for MarginNote 3- Application Guide

:+1: Great news - I received the upgrade code today, and the update went well with no issues.

Thank you, Team MarginNote! I appreciate the discount on the upgrade.

Hi Admin–

May I have Member privileges to PM you about my MN upgrade concerns? Thank you so much!

Hi @admin I have sent an email to the service@marginnote.com but doesn’t received any reply. Could your team help me check about my situation? Thanks.

The reply took a few days, but it eventually came through.

I have sent multiple emails for the 40% application, but I never receive any reply. Can any team member help me figure this out?

We are sorry to inform you that we will temporarily stop accepting edu code applications since December 16th(2019).

As Devmate will shut down on the 16th this month (https://announcement.devmate.com/ ) , it will be impossible for us to get new licenses at that time. But don’t worry, MN3 activated by Edu Code can still get updated.

Because the new license system has not yet been developed, we can’t tell when the edu codes will be available again. And I’ll keep you informed if got good news.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

I bought MarginnoteX from a Chinese retailer lichi in 2017, can I have a chance to upgrade it to Marginnote 3, with 60% off? Thanks a lot.

Yes, plz send us an email.


I’ve sent an email to service@marginnote.com. My Email address is jimmychen.szt@gmail.com. Thank you.

Hello, petersages
I’m really sorry about it. But this is not our problem. Please ask Paddle for help.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
MN Support Team

I upgraded from Marginote X to MN3 on 8/1/20 using the link from the email you sent me, and have made the payment to Paddle. However, I have not received a new registration code, and have not had any responses to the 2 emails I sent to service@marginnote.com
Could you please let me know if there is a better way to communicate to your support staff?

Hello, petersego,
I’m really sorry about it, but I can do nothing. If you have made the payment without getting a new code, I guess there is a error in Paddle system. Please ask Paddle for help.
Apologize for the incovenience.

Hi admin
Email has been sent, please reply. Thanks

Hi admin
Email has been sent, please reply. Thanks.

likewies - sent email with all uni info and got back a link to this page rather than the discount code.

Please send the code!

thank you

Does this sound ok to you to say “i can do nothing” - when you’re the company generating serial numbers? Is that customer delight? If this was your mother, what would you do?

Hello, i have bought the MN2 from the mac appstore a few days ago, can i still get an upgrade 60% discount ?

Hi I have sent a email to both service@marginnote.com and support@margninnote.com. PLZ check my status . Thanks . My email is zbl95ash@gmail.com

Hi, May I know when can I receive a reply regarding my application on this discount? I emailed margin note team last February 8.

Hi may I ask you to check wether you received my email from 24.07.2021.

Thank you :slight_smile: