A big latency to show excerpt and annotation in the original file after the latest update!

When I updated to the latest version, I found out there is a very big latency to show excerpt and annotation when you use document mode or use the full screen in the study mode. It usually takes 4-7seconds to show them when you slide to a new page. What’s more, even I’ve scanned a page just a moment, the excerpt will disappear if I jump to the next page, and it will take another 4-7 seconds to show all the notations. I also noticed that when you use the study mode with mindmap on the left, this problem will show up if you zoom in the document on the right. There’s no such problem before. I will really appreciate it if you could fix it soon!

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I also want to know if I could return to the last version. This latency… I kinda of cannot stand. I know it may take a few days to release a new version, so I was wondering if I could rollback to last version. Thanks!