A couple of suggestions/requests about functionality

Hey MN3 Team! First of all, I want to thank you for creating such a fantastic product! You are the best and really game-changers)

As a user, I have also a few feature requests that I believe could make the product even more useful and efficient.

  1. Tag groups: While tags are a great way to organize notes and projects, they can become cumbersome if there are too many of them. Adding the ability to create tag groups would allow users to categorize their tags and make them easier to find and use.

  2. Card type selection/”Emphasis” function in comments: Currently, if I understood right, there are two types (?) of cards that users can create - expert and comment. While each serves a specific purpose (?), providing users with the ability to select the card type when creating a new card would give them more flexibility in how they organise their notes and ideas. I mean, I really miss a function “Emphasis” in notes with comments :frowning:

  3. A bit more flexible mindmap connections: Mind maps are a powerful tool for visualizing ideas and their relationships, but providing users with the ability to create more flexible mind map connections would allow them to represent these complex relationships more accurately, making their mind maps even more useful.

  4. Display images in notes: Sometimes they get too small and there is no way to change their size.

  5. Handwriting recognition: While I understand that maybe this is a challenging feature to develop, I believe that providing users with the ability to convert their handwritten notes into text would be incredibly useful. Not only would it make it easier to search and organize notes, but it would also save users time and effort by eliminating the need to transcribe their notes manually.

Anyway, thank you for the unbelievable great app. I hope that these suggestions will be useful for other users too or for your plans to continue to develop and improve the product.

Have a nice day! ^_____^


Definitely with the Tag groups. I’ve been pleading with MarginNote to put this together for years ! It’s long overdue…


Indeed, I would welcome more flexible mind mapping. Creating left and right hand side trees would be great.